Saturday, February 12, 2022

Your Blood Pressure Medicine Can Be Found under...Groceries


I am not going to practice medicine, but I will show off some knowledge of groceries. I once moved veggies around at Walmart.

Study the content of the links for reasons why these groceries, regularly eaten, will lower blood pressure, a leading cause of stroke.

Almonds - are high in Vitamin E and help regulate blood sugar. The magnesium lowers blood pressure. Almonds lower bad cholesterol and provide potassium.

Blueberries improves the elasticity of the veins. Daily consumption of these treats lower blood pressure. They also help with weight loss.

Walnuts remove bad cholesterol and increase the elasticity of the veins. Omega 3! They help lower blood pressure and also help vein elasticity. Heart doctors say, "Eat them daily!"

Flaxseed reduces blood pressure and has other benefits as well.

SALT is a four-letter word. The entire fast-food, packaged food, snack food, and restaurant industries run on using too much salt. SALT has an immediate upward effect on blood pressure, so avoiding it will de jure reduce blood pressure. I tried a Schwan frozen pizza some months ago, and my head began feeling like the percussion section of the Boston Pops. The driver said to me, "Yeah, I felt that too."

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