Monday, February 13, 2012

Stay Tuned for the Sales.
Check Their Main Page for the Latest

California thought she was cutting into my profits by waiting for book sales. All these banners from are their discounts. They do not affect me at all. I offer the 100% discount for free PDFs. And many books are listed far below the normal price.

I like free shipping especially, because I place larger orders from time to time.

It works great. Fill out the order and pick the shipping desired. Put in the code for that banner, "flightless" in this case. Press update. The discount will be taken off the total. I learned last night that some discounts kick in regardless. I thought I had to buy two at once for the previous discount, but Lulu took off a few dollars because I had the code in. Software can be so subtle.

Lately, one sale will start as soon as the other one ends. Go to the main Lulu page to be sure.

Many new projects are started, each one to be printed, but also published as an e-book as well.

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