Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant
Free PDF To Promote Doctrinal Study

A pastor and a layman both asked about the PDF for Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant. They wanted to make it more available to laity for study groups. I decided to make the PDF download for CLP free. Yes, free. Of course, I will need to have a gala auction each year to make up for it. Just kidding.

As Jack Preus said about the Lutheran publishing business, "Don't quit your day job." My friend, Diablo, visiting from another location, said, "No, don't give it away."

My reasoning is: People want to study at home or have the documents available. This way it is free for everyone. I doubt whether it would affect book sales negatively (downwardly trending, as they say at the Love Shack). Free PDFs may help. The difference one way or another is not going to be great.

The main purpose is to make doctrinal materials available to everyone.

The cover is going to be designed by Norma Boeckler. The content will be the same. Unless I find major problems to be fixed, the pagination will be kept to make teaching easier.

The teacher's manual for CLP will be free as a PDF, low-cost for printed orders. Lulu charges a little for printing and shipping, so any printed matter will cost something.

The offer remains for those who want to order 10 or more CLPs.

Ten copies of CLP - $160, including shipping.

Twenty copies of CLP - $320, including shipping.

Make the check out to Gregory Jackson because I do not have a separate account for Martin Chemnitz Press.

Individual orders can be processed through Lulu.com or Christian News. Both accept credit cards.