Monday, February 14, 2022

Reverting to the Original Blogsite for Now - Ichabod, The Glory Has Departed.
A New Domain Will Start Soon with the Epic, Classic Glengarry Posts Included


A lot of people were sad to see Google erase Ichabod, the Glory Has Departed. This blog included almost 20,000 posts and a similar number of comments. Long ago, the OJists got too obnoxious so I cut out their blathering, simpering, and unedifying comments.

I have been setting up a new domain - not on Google - with a built-in backup. If that goes well, I will use it for posts, sermons, and yard sales. That should also include the previously published material.

I will use duplicate posts (Bethany Lutheran Worship) to herd the readers back here. 

 The same people who leaked to Ichabod switched sides when convenient. How is that working out?

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