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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Feeling Better

 Andrea welcomed 2-2-22 today, too!

That tickle cough on Sunday was hanging on until today. I have mostly slept since Sunday, but feeling better each day.

My primary goal on tomorrow is setting up the RESI account for video. And shoveling snow. OK, I may toss water softener nuggets at the driveway to facilitate no-hands melting and removal.

Walmart was out of sidewalk salt a few years ago, due to low supplies and a sudden, big storm. I said to a lady manager, "Why not put your water softener salt at the front door? Salt is salt." (I was good in chemistry, as you can tell.

She said, "Really? That works? I will ask my manager."

 I have always loved Brussels sprouts, but I also like variety. Going for groceries is a lot of fun for trying out tasty, high nutrition foods - spinach, beans, fruit, nuts - and no sweets or fats.

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