Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Technology Trumps Worship of the Synod


 The Babtists were smart enough to ban the horrid NIV, which WELS loves for its sloppy paraphrases, corrupt text, and money potential. The WELS guys posing look like they got caught.

A lot is happening in technology right now. I have online students jittery about starting a master's degree, so I tell them I am in the same situation - learning new things and having 12 thumbs until I get used to the new ways.

Complexity quickly becomes simple with practice. That is why the modern Calvinists can step in a broadcast over a region, thanks to the Net, some modestly priced pieces of equipment, barns and living rooms. I still chuckle over the WELS coffee church - always there late for the fad. If they had couches and "gourmet" coffee, everyone would show up. 

 Try not to laugh at this staged photo.

What WELSians were always missing - the true Church teaches faith in Jesus Christ, not slavery to an apostate and abusive synod. Those who follow the fish-hat and big stick are no better off.

Watch the slow motion landslide as seminaries continue to merge, parishes combine, and money runs out. 

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