Thursday, February 3, 2022

Snow and My St. Francis Day

I have been dragging this week, after having a sore throat for Sunday, gradually getting better.

We had wonderful weather for February, until the rain turned to ice and snow, giving us a thick layer of snow, almost complete stoppage on the streets, and hungry animals.

The birds and squirrels were not that interested in the fine selection of seeds, nuts, and extra food I placed on the window will, the hanging wire bun baskets, and the garbage barrels. 

I built up my selection of food, including peanuts in the shell, because Cardinals and Blue Jays love them.

Today I was rewarded with a massive audience of squirrels and birds. Some birds and squirrels sit in the bun baskets to eat and keep an eye on the competition. Some will dart in for some food and dart away to enjoy a treat remotely.

The garbage barrels were populated all day, so I scraped the snow/seed mixture to loosen it up for everyone. I had a lot out before it rained, so a layer was frozen solid and stuck to the top. The birds and squirrels chewed away at their Schwan Frozen Food and pawed through the snow on the ground.

I almost hauled one barrel to the front, but I found the contraption plowing up snow and stopping. I said, "Nobody is driving the trucks today. I will let the creatures. feast."

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