Friday, February 11, 2022

Denying Creation and Rewriting the Rules

 Elderflowers become elder berries.

Forty years ago, a newly-wed theology major left his wife to marry a married woman on the faculty. Unusual for the time, he co-wrote essays with the ethics prof. He finished by writing his dissertation on marriage. I searched his name decades later - and there he was, working with the former faculty lady.

I remembered him saying in the break room, "The Christian Church has really messed up the institution of marriage." He might not have realized it, but he was introducing the new era into American life, where everyone knows, anything goes. Unlike the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, this innovation has brought darkness and chaos.

The traditional must seem terribly dull, because we have restaurants that sell rubberized corn on the cob to recreate an approximation of the actual food, not frozen, not soaked in vegetable oil.

That reminds me of the doctoral student who left his wife and children to run off with a nun he met in the program. I wondered, "Are these the best and the brightest?"

There was a definite departure, which continues to this day. The Yale Divinity faculty of 1973 was traditional in marriage and family. The next generation was not. The zaniness of today was germinating 50 years ago. Now that we have tried out every repudiation of the good, perhaps our society will find the value in what was always good, in spite of our flaws.

That is why the KJV remains the standard, in spite of hysterical attacks from the illiterate and poorly educated synodical drones. Their "translations" last only a few months before being redone and promoted again as the best.

 Silver Queen is for the discerning. 

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