Friday, February 11, 2022

A School for Cowards


 Is he ready to pope yet?

The truckers are showing us that they have the guts to stand against tyranny, and the locations are growing. I am encouraged, because I have mostly seen people taking care of themselves, backing down, backstabbing to get ahead, and kissing up until they can extend their own massy episcopal ring. 

This crisis will determine whether America supports its US Constitution and Bill of Rights. No other country has kept its constitution, and many politicians here clearly want to turn ours into fishwrap. 

Every four years I have to explain that there is no popular vote for President, that the electoral college is beneficial for sharing influence across the land. Without that, a mere five counties would elect every president. 

The same is true of the Four Freedoms. If we give up and give in, we are a Police State, not a democratic Republic. Token, corrupt elections are the crown jewel of Police States.

Often, one bit of truth will destroy a false claim. I was forced to go to a Paul Kelm Church Growth Re-Education Camp. At the end of the debacle, Kelm asked the group, "When you consider what we have to offer and what people need, can you name a single person who would not join WELS?"

The room went silent, so I said, "Herb Chilstrom?" He was the ELCA bishop du jour. The room rocked with laughter, and waves of laughter started over and over again. Kelm was irritated but could not stop laughing either. His marketing strategy blew up in his face, which should have predicted the failures for the next 30 years - not to mention the wasted missions of dollars and doctrinal apostasy.

 "No Church Growth in WELS. Ask Wayne Mueller. But if you criticize our Church Growth, we will knee-cap you."

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