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Friday, February 11, 2022

Calvinist News Finally Got a Little Interesting - But Too Late


 No fish hat? How deluxe is that gown?

No one I know reads the tabloid called Christian News - originally named Lutheran News. The name change was to make more money. Otten was a man of principle - and interest. 

There is a cause! The LCMS education system is adopting the new radicalism, and one particular foul-mouthed lady pastor is their star of the show. This would be shocking if no one noticed the changes for the last few decades. 

Everyone has been goose-stepping to the drumbeat of various LCMS Synod Presidents. The ALC-LCA-ELCA Bishops are their leaders. The game is over.

 There is some hope for bar ministries. That keeps the alcoholic pastors busy and eases their personal budgets. Ask the Appleton suds and duds leaders.

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