Monday, January 18, 2021

The Modular Book of Concord


Graphic by Wolfmueller. Has he read more than this in Chemnitz and Luther?

The Book of Concord, 1580, is an imposing volume. The Triglotta version made it even heavier, with tiny print serving as an eyesight test.

May I be frank? Most clergy own a lot of books, but they do not read a lot.

The clown in the video poses and postures below a mountain of untouched books. Kittel? Is he kidding us? He uses a Greek 101 New Testament, a pony, with the English on one side and the Greek on the other. See one of his recent manic videos - where he cannot even read the cue cards and get his confused message across.

The main point is - Rev. Chatterbox has no grasp of the Gospel at all. He is a shrieking OJ copycat of his fanatical, Calvinist Pietist seminary professors. 

The Universalists among you need to read this, since they are Confessional Lutherans. Ha!

Back to the main point. The most portable Book of Concord is the Tappert, scorned by the Objective Justification crowd. They remind me of the boy who visited our house. He said, "I am not allowed to dance. But of all the dances I am not allowed to do, the Moon Walk is my favorite." And he was good.

They do not read or study the Book of Concord in Lutherland, no matter what the synod. The ELS makes a big point of teaching in rooms with Triglottas, but they still enforce Justification without Faith - with Enthusiasm

The Solution is the modular Book of Concord, published by 

Print volumes are portable and easy to read for the elderly like me. The online copies are handy for searching and copying important passages.

Large Catechism - we can expose false doctrine published by the OJ Universalists.

I learned Luther's Large Catechism because I had the ALC volume of the LC alone. I read it here and there and startled when someone made claims obviously against Luther's sermons as confessions.

Read about the crypto-Calvinists. As one translator wrote, "They are not crypto (secret) anymore." Has anyone done a health and wellness check on him?

Ask Pastor OJ if he has ever read this, especially the part on Justification by Faith.
He will apologize, clear this throat, and mumble something.

I would give this first, among all the modules, to any Lutheran. 
These are Luther's sermons, crafted to be confessions for all Lutherans.
WELS calls the Book of Concord "boring and irrelevant." No, it is especially relevant for a sect known for alcoholism, adultery, and cross-dressing.

The Formula of Concord is a clearly written Biblical commentary on the issues dividing Lutherans. Read Article III - The Righteousness of Faith. The Biggies in your synod do not know, comprehend, or teach this - but they label themselves as Confessional Lutherans, Orthodox Lutherans, Bronze Age Lutherans. They are Seminexers who knew they could not win on that odious label, so they used Church Growth as their cover story.

The Small Catechism, plain and simple, without the accumulation of garbage used to make it "better" and "more understandable."

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