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The Art of Norma BoecklerGlorifies God.
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The Art of Norma Boeckler, by Norma Boeckler, glorifies God by using her talent and skills to show us God's Creation and His revelation of grace in the Sacred Scriptures. Bethany Lutheran Church and all those connected with us through the blog, Internet worship, and books enjoy her art in many forms.

Norma designed the Bethany Lutheran Chapel,
photographed it, and created this Photoshop.
I said, "We need the candles lit, so she lit them with Photoshop."

Norma loves to create religious art, but she pursues many avenues of expression. She seems to have unlimited abilities. In Japan, she learned about enameled jeweled. She studied Photoshop and Dreamweaver. She made special paper for her artwork. One has to wonder what she has not done.

Every art lover should own this book, because this volume collects Norma's work and displays it in various categories. The contents include:
1.  Flowers
2.  Butterflies
3.  Birds
4.  Still life
5.  Landscapes
6.  Portraits
7.  Abstracts
8.  Marine life
9.  Rug paintings
10. Jewelry
11. Religious Books Illustrated

I am happy to add that her artwork has enhanced many graphics I created to emphasize Biblical verses, doctrinal statements, and Lutheran hymns. Her creations are shared in blogs and on Facebook, so many people have had a chance to comment on the beauty and design of her work.

Therefore, this book is only a glimpse of Norma Boeckler's work, and she continues at a rapid pace. I suggest this as a gift for adults and children, for all ages, because there is so much to delight the senses.

Among my favorites are the bird paintings, which capture the movement and charm of God's choir. Every morning they sing Matins, not knowing where their next meal will come from, as Martin Luther observed.

Norma enjoyed developing this book, and we are all grateful she devoted so much time to it. Our copy is a keepsake.

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