Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Latest Publishing News

Lenski's daughter, Lois, illustrated this book and many more.

One of my readers gave me a bunch of edits to do for Thy Strong Word. I thought I would be done tonight, but I am working on the format. The age of the files and working with versions of Word gave me some interesting problems to face. Now I am going through page by page to get full justification to work. The reader hinted at some software short-cut for universal justification, but this is an individual effort.

I should have the new version uploaded on Lulu by tomorrow - God willing.

Meanwhile I am ready to do some improvements and edits for Justification. I will definitely add Pastor Harley's material, with permission, because the work is well done and pre-dates my efforts. There are some other additions, planned and potential.

I am adding the Outrageous UOJ quotations and a reading list.

Next will be a children's book, aimed at the youngest children but also useful for older children as well. Norma Boeckler is already working on the illustrations. My Facebook friends love her work as much as the Ichabodians do.

Some other books need additional work on the Lulu list. Remember, they are all available free as PDF downloads.

I am happy to send PDFs or Word documents for anyone who wants to read TSW or Justification to help in editing.

I will also need some back of the book comments, with or without names.

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