Thursday, March 20, 2008

Worship Services on Good Friday and Easter

The first Bethany Lutheran Worship service will be Good Friday at 1 PM Phoenix time.

Click on this link to get there:

Bethany Lutheran Worship

You will need broadband (cable or DSL) to get the service, plus speakers to hear the service. You will be watching it live on the Internet. We will make provisions for saving files and posting them on a website.

Double-click on the Bethany logo at the link to start the service. We start early to test some things. You will see the altar at that time.

You can use this link below to determine your local time compared to Phoenix, where we do not deal with the fraud of Daylight Savings Time:

Time Zone Comparisons

Easter Sunday's service will be Holy Communion at 8 AM Phoenix time.

Those who are interested are scattered from the East Coast to the West Coast. I used to say, "If I could only get you gathered together." Now we can do that through a webcam and the Internet. This was not possible a few years ago when I investigated. The quality seems to be quite good.

This began with a blog about Lutheran apostasy:

Ichabod The Glory Has Departed.

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