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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Turn To Page 10 - The Solo That Ends - "Vincero. I Will Conquer." - Nessun dorma.

YouTube is always providing me interesting links, so I do not try to collect and store "my music." We all know how much Nessun dorma is sung on the talent shows. It was also used for Trump's last big message. I was watching Trudeau's great escape from reality on YouTube and saw this 10 year-old girl's version of Nessun dorma (Alec approved link). 

Whether invoking goosebumps or tears, the words "I will conquer" are the perfect message, planned by Trump when he seemed to be quashed by corrupt media, criminal politicians, and other miscreants.

The truckers in Canada are crushing the tyranny of Justin Trudeau, who looks more like his father every day. More trucker blockades are forming and people are supporting them. This is where the fa├žade of world-wide solidarity starts losing big chunks of credibility and power. The last two years of torture are just like the Chinese tofu skyscrapers - doomed to fail in massive self-destruction.

Arizona is declaring its presidential vote, 2020, a dud. More will follow, not fast enough, but so satisfying.

The trouble with evil comes from needing to strike hard and fast, the way the Japanese swept out across the South Pacific in a few months. But the conquest has to be secure. From the worst evil comes a rebirth and new life. 

On a personal note, I have always found great things happening as a result of a big smackdown, the kind where "friends" stop by - or phone to add their favorite aged brew - Job's Comforters (TM). 

 Job's Comforters, by William Blake

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