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Monday, July 4, 2022


The blackouts have been annoying. Yesterday, it was slight for one household, only a few seconds for another one. I now have it set up so I can see that happening and I can stop until the monitor shows it working again. Yesterday's blip was too short for me to notice.

Today I have a script, this post, to guide the combinations I am trying - only one at a time, to avoid getting all the wires crossed. There may some ideas from the camera manufacturer, but I will do these first. I will use the Tacoma hymns for the sound.

1. The white Logitech camera, with built in sound. Actually, this will be a later test, because that is a good but inferior camera.

2. HDMI zoom camera, the way we usually have it. We get a warbly sound from the organ. I understand this is problem with Vimeo. We had that problem with IBM/Ustream but found a solution in how the plug was used in one slot or another - and it varied. 

3. Moving the mike around, which is plugged into the sound board.

4. Using the big white mike, which will be plugged into a USB slot.

I do not assume these alternatives will work, but we have the equipment to try it out. I have read that compression of the sound is the cause. I will consider local help after discussing this with Vimeo.

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